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For ALL Your Unwanted Gold.

Sell your unwanted gold jewelry, gold coins, scrap gold, and other precious metals like silver and platinum online for immediate and top payment!

It couldn't be simpler !
Selling your unwanted gold is quick and easy using our free, safe, insured and trackable method! Combine that with my friendly customer service and you have a winning resource to sell your gold online safely and effectively.

Request your FREE selling kit today !
Once you order, your kit will arrive right at your door with instructions on how to ship your gold to me. Once your gold is in the mail it is quickly shipped back to me via ExpressPost (1-2 business days) so my experts can inspect your gold and get a payment out to you within a few business days! Payments are made via Company Cheque so as if it is lost or misplaced a replacement check can be promptly issued. Your selling kit is completely secure, trackable and insured via Canada Post!

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